AI Engine for Celo

We are excited to announce the launch of a new AI engine for Celo on MakerDojo that unlocks a faster and more powerful engine to help our users get Web3 insights. Here are some highlights:

  • Ask any question: You can ask questions about almost anything on Celo – ranging from NFTs, and Defi, to custom questions about smart contracts data.
  • Fast: New engine will be blazing fast.
  • Real-time: Anything published on blockchain will be available on MakerDojo within a second.
  • Enriched Data: We have added many second-level tables to the data set to make it easier to query. Read more about the data set here in docs.
  • Embedded Docs: You can see in-place documentation for tables and columns by clicking on the question mark icon.

We invite you all to try out the engine and get as many insights as quickly as possible. And we wish you happy holidays while you explore the data. 

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